Women Writing Memoir: Writing Our Lives

Instructor:  Wendy Judith Cutler
Monday Afternoons:  12:30 – 3:00 (6 weeks)
January 18 – February 28, 2011 (no class on Feb. 14)
Location:  South-end-by-the-sea
Cost $175 – 195 (includes $25 deposit)
Women Writing Memoir: Writing Our Lives

Join a circle of women as we experience the richness of memoir and writing that captures the utter complexities and stark simplicities of our lives. In a nurturing, tender and explorative circle, we will be guided into personal writing, deep listening, heartfelt sharing (always with choice) and, most importantly, writing for our selves. Through memoir, autobiography, storytelling and personal narrative, we will explore guiding principles, experiment with varying approaches, rediscover memories, deepen connections with our authentic selves and create intention in writing from and about our lives. Everyone welcome, with or without writing experience.Simply bring your self, a journal and the desire to write.

For information or to register, contact Wendy:

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