We’mOOn Circles of Women Gathering

WomenWriting Presents:
Our Annual
Circles of Women Gathering

Saturday Afternoon
December 10th, 2011
(Full mOOn in Gemini &
 Total Lunar Eclipse)

For Participants of Wendy’s Memoir &
JournalWriting Circles, Workshops & Classes

Your Presence is Desired @ The GateHouse (190 Reynolds Road)

A Gathering of Women to Come Together in a Circle to Share Our
       Writings, Hearts, Minds, Spirits, Stories, Dreams, Visions

Please bring a brief piece of writing to be read within the circle
(or to listen).

***Bring finger-food to share (and your own beverage & eating utensils)

Bring a pillow (for extra-comfort) if you want.

Suggested Donation:  $5-10    250.653.4286/winnie@saltspring.com

**************We’Moon 2012 wil be for sale**************
(Special Sale Price on This Day Only)

We’Moon:  Gaia Rhythms for Women
“is more than an appointment book…is a lunar calendar, a handbook in natural rhythm, and comes out of international womyn’s culture.  Art and writing by we’moon from many lands give a glimpse of the great diversity and uniqueness of a world we create in our image…We share how we live our truth, what inspires us, how we envision our reality in connection with the whole earth and all our relations” (We’Moon Datebook).

“we are circles of women
writing together  apart    in dialogue    alone”
—Wendy Judith Cutler
Excerpt From   “Circles of Women” Poem (from We’mOOn 2011)