Workshop at Breitenbush Hot Springs 2013

Apr 26 – 28    Wendy Judith Cutler

Writing Alone Together:
Journaling Within a Circle of Women

wendyJoin an intimate circle of women as we use journals, personal writing and memoir to honor our truths, share our stories and deepen connections with our authentic selves. Within a nurturing, tender and explorative circle, you will be guided into writing freely, listening deeply, sharing (always with choice), witnessing and, most importantly, writing for your selves. We will use various approaches to contemplate, record and envision our lives and experience the nourishment of writing amongst a supportive circle of women writing alone together. The presence of those new to this practice as well as those past participants of Wendy’s workshops are welcomed.

Wendy Judith Cutler, teacher, writer and feminist, has taught writing and women’s studies since 1978 and at Breitenbush since 1990. She currently guides women’s journalwriting circles and memoir workshops on Salt Spring Island, BC. She is co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journaling Within a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection, which will be available soon. She relishes the opportunity to inspire others to honor the power and wisdom of their own words.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: Wendy 250.653.4286 or

BEGINS: Fri, April 26 dinner
ENDS: Sun, April 28 lunch

COST: $200 ($185 if registered by 3/15 or a past participant in Wendy’s workshops) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging


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