Circle of Our Circles Retreat


Let us Commune Together for this Coming

Circle of Our Circles Retreat
on Sunday, January 22nd
Eleven until Five PM
Lion’s Club


We will gather together for an afternoon of writing, reading, listening, sharing, storytelling, witnessing, we wondrous, wise, wonder full and winged women writers, for a very special retreat, as we write from and about our lives
(journalling, memoir, autobiography, personal narrative, essays, stories, novels, plays, art)  and experience the power, potency and wisdom of writing for ourselves.

We will be meeting in small circles (with women from other circles)
to write and share and then also gather together in our larger circle
for readings of the writings we brought with us to share.

Bring your journals, of course, and any writing and drawing materials you choose. There will also be time for creating story collages and drawing divinatory cards.

We will have the hours to write, share, lunch, listen deeply, develop intimacy with ourselves and deepen the compassion and connections we feel with one another.

We will be honouring this sacred and utterly necessary process, practice, commitment.

I am very excited for this opportunity for us to gather together,
hoping that most of you will be able to attend.

With much love and anticipation,