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Wendy Judith Cutler is a longtime radical teacher, writer and Jewish lesbian feminist activist. She taught Women’s Studies and Writing for over thirty years in Portland, Oregon. 

After immigrating to Canada in 2006, through WomenWriting she facilitates women’s journal writing and memoir workshops and guides several women’s writing circles. She is co-author of “Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection” (2014). She co-authored (with Corrie Hope Furst) the essay “Crossing Borders: A Lesbian Immigration Story in Two Voices” which is in “Breaking Boundaries: LGBTQ2 Writers on Coming Out and Into Canada” (2017). She was chosen to be a Lambda Literary Fellow and her essay “Hello Queer Ones” was published in “Emerge: Lambda Fellows Anthology (2017). Along with sixteen other women from her women’s writing circles, she contributed to and is editor of “Finding Home: Collected Stories from Salt Spring Island Circles of Women” (2018). 

She facilitates a Queer Writing Circle sponsored by DAISSI which is bringing together writers from our queer, trans and non-binary communities. She recently wrote a play “An Interrogation Story in One-Act” that will be part of the SaltFest, mini festival of performing arts on Salt Spring Island. Her current obsession is her activist-memoir-in-progress about lesbian feminism in the 1970s entitled “Memoir of an Undutiful Daughter.” 

She most gratefully lives on beautiful Salt Spring Island (B.C. the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Coast Salish Peoples) where she resides with her lover-girl life partner of thirty-three years. Her greatest passion is to inspire others to honour the wisdom, power and potency of their own words. She relishes being part of ever-widening circles, sharing our stories and nourishing our creativity, compassion and connection.