“By sharing my intimate world, I inspire others to do the same, to move beyond   shame and protection and to say what we see, what we have lived, to affirm that in its full worth.” — Ellen Bass

 Most Recent Praises

“You are a weaver of women’s voices and the book is a strong testament to the power of the circles you cast. Thank you for having been such a profound influence on my life and on my writing heart!” (Andrea Palframan)

“Consulting one on one with Wendy, and then joining with her women’s writing group was the best thing I could do to reawaken my creative self. Her authentic presence and wise coaching, combined with the shared aspirations of other wonderful, creative women really opened up a space for me to embrace the side of me that had been closed off for years. Thank you Wendy!” (Jessica Hoskins)

“Thank you for the many years of inspiration, education, friendship and support. You are the permission I need to write with feeling. The strength to be a radically loud feminist. You have and continue to bless me with knowledge none other has shared with me. You are my sister, friend, ally and my life has been blessed because of your love, energy, guidance and trust. May we share many more experiences, adventures and years with light.” (Krystee Sidwell)

“You have a way of bringing your life, values, passions into what you teach that is inspiring. I have learned more from your class and taking different approaches to my writing than I could have imagined. Thank you for your enthusiasm, honesty and strength. I will carry that with me as I continue my own writing journey.” (Lia Cherian)

“Thank you so much for the beautiful afternoon yesterday. You created such a nourishing and safe environment. It’s a step in the long journey back to myself.” (Marie Rice)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the journalling workshop. There was such great energy in the room and it felt healing.” (Melanie Gregory)

“Remembering with fondness our encounter and your inspiring workshop. May you continue opening the sacred gates of expression and elevating others through their own words.” (Myriam Braunschvig)

“I have been writing with you for four years now. Our writing relationship has moved to a deeper place of friendship, one that is generous of heart, nurturing and sincerity. It is a human bond beyond the context of writing within the circle of women. A bond that can sometimes be that life line that is so needed for nourishing the human condition.” (Premilla Pillay)

“Heart thanks for your expert, loving guidance through a revelatory writing experience. The environment of safety and trust you created, together with both tried and innovative techniques for self-expression, was a gift beyond measure.” (Rain Taylor)

“I am forever inspired and in love!!! You’re energy and tutelage walk into the classroom and workshop spaces with me, daily. Thanks so much for all you do for women everywhere.  I’m glad others get to see and know how much you bring.” (Sally Eck)

“Our small writing group (4 of us)had just formed with the intent to share whatever we were working on when Writing Alone Together came our way. We decided to use the first hour of our time together to select a prompt from the book to stimulate our writing, and to then to share what we had written. It proved to be a moving and intimacy creating experience for us– for which we are all grateful. It has continued to be a key part of our group experience for the past year.” (Susan Swanson)




  What women have shared about my workshops:

“You did it again. You took a group of women, all unknown to one another, and guided them to a supportive, cohesive unit–supporting themselves and each other.” (Alice)

“This workshop has really helped to open my eyes, my heart, and my pen to the paper. Itʼs shown me new tools to find the writer inside me that has periodically tip-toed out. I now have less fear of sharing what I have written. In a writing class I took yearʼs ago, I remember feeling more timid and scared to share anything I wrote. Being in the comfort of this forest amongst these women, my sisters, I feel nurtured and inspired to continue with this craft more frequently than I have in the last ten years. Thank you, Wendy.” (A.J.)

“Wendy, Iʼll be back. Meeting you, your wise woman, is a blessing.” (Billie)

“I appreciate this safe space to journey and express myself creatively through writing. Thank you, Wendy, for making this happen. I am honored to be a part of this circle of women, this circle of strength. Thank you for your love and kindness and sharing.” (Carol)

“I appreciated your flexible way of conducting the workshop–asking others at times what they thought for contributions. The exercises were useful and–- as you said even if Iʼve done them before–-very interesting and new things do come up. Thank you for providing a quiet, reflective space for me to recover, heal, replenish, refocus on my self if for just a little while.” (Devon)

“I really needed this environment that you create. Each exercise connected to the next and the flow and ebb of a natural cycle. I am so grateful. I still need to work with writing and remembering my love for it. I will, and look forward to its pleasure. This has been a ‘shedding of skin’ experience for me and I am happy to gain more groundedness from the experience.” (Donna)

“My journey in this workshop has brought me to consider a theme of ‘freedom.’ This was not my original intention coming in, at all. But the writings and the sharings have inspired me to write about freedom. I feel freed-up to write about some of these things as a way toward my memoirs. And on the other hand, to write about the prisons of my life and mind. Much love and appreciation for open, accepting and loving guidance.” (Glenda)

“Thank you for bringing your experience and your heart and your en-courage-ment to offer us.” (Grace)

“What a delight! Iʼm so glad for the chance to join this circle of women writing memoir in this beautiful place. Thank you for guiding us on a journey to our selves.” (Hannah)

“I dreamt of Wendy for two nights, then I saw the catalogue. I immediately wanted to come to your workshop based on the description. I was going to bring eight women with me. When I called there was no room for eight so I selfishly set up a weekend for me so I could still come…I was re-reading the catalogue and saw your name was “Wendy Judith.” I got quite excited remembering my dreams.” (Judith)

“You’re so passionate about writing. It’s really contagious. You created a really lovely space, encouraged and nurtured a sense of community and connection as writers, a feeling of safety–many great tools and tricks and prompts. Many Thanks.” (Karen)

Thank you very much for sharing with all of us your tools of healing and self exploration. You have truly given me the gift/permission to be a writer. My book will happen and you will be the credit. I love you to the moon, my sister, friend, teacher, mentor. May we continue to stay connected with each other and self.” (Krystee)

“You create a non-intimidating space where by the end we all were invited and willingly able to soften and renew together. You are a treasure chest of possibilities and resources. I feel inspired and much healthier because of the weekend.” (Laura)

“I am glad to have been welcomed into this beautiful writing circle. I have enjoyed my time here so much and I thank you for providing a warm, open space for us all to be in.” (Laurie)

“Thank you for creating a calm, accepting atmosphere for me to discover and re-discover myself. I enjoyed all the exercises and learning about the books that are available to help guide our journal writing. One of the nicest parts of the workshop was simply being with other women who write. Knowing there are others who delve into this is in itself inspirational.” (Leslie)

“Wendy creates a supportive and inspirational space in which to look within through writing. Her own passion for the power of writing and her numerous writing resources provided me with tools to take home and use to carry on this work. I am inspired and moved and so very glad I attended this workshop. Thank you.” (Lieth)

“I love your gentle, relaxed, caring style. You had so many great and stimulating exercises to get the muse excited and ready to roll. You bring so much to the table wherever you go. What a treasure we have in you.” (Lyndee)

“Wendy, I thank you for the wonderful experience. You created a loving, safe circle of womenʼs energy. You stimulated thoughts and memories of my past and future life, helping me begin seeds of visions and goals. A nice balance of unself-conscious quick writing exercises and communion with these other women and the sky and trees around us.” (Marilyn)

“Thank you for providing a safe, stimulating, warm, welcoming, kick-in-the-butt-full- of- tricks and tools– resources I will re-acquaint myself with as I write—Yes….I write!” (Marty)

“The workshop was consistently supportive and empowering. I benefited from safe space sharing of intimacy with my self and these lovely women. Wendy created and maintained a cocoon of trust and compassion with exquisite care preserving our choices, privacy, and ever reaching into find, engage and spark each woman’s creativity wherever it might be hiding.” (Nancy)

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and giving us tools and prompts to experience writing wherever we are. I have a new confidence in writing. Fabulous, supportive, emotive!” (Pat)

“I have tried many times to write, and have not felt able to do it well. Iʼm grateful to have had the opportunity to have met you and to participate in this workshop. I feel better equipped and now ready for a voyage of (self) discovery in my writing. I am making a commitment to take the time each day to WRITE. Thank you for your warmth, and for the relaxed, fun way you run your workshop. I have gained much more than I expected.” (Pauline)

“My heart is full with fine woman energy. I feel my wish was to begin writing unself-consciously, and you have gracefully facilitated that for me. Your tone and content are perfect–a confidence in us and a very safe place. that you so freely acknowledge some otherʼs work and resources makes this work bigger and the circle wider. Continue!” (Riana)

“My journey was the return to myself and to the lessons that I must learn and re-learn over and over again in this lifetime. My biggest lesson can be summed up with this quote that I found again this weekend…buried in my computer: “The earlier someone is taught to live in the most effortless, harmonious, and creative way, the more likely it is that all of life will bring success.” (Shawn)

“Wendy, this was such a wonderful experience. I am so glad I came again. The biggest nugget I got was about acceptance of myself, my life and those around me as we are. I realized that it was an absolute shame not to love and value everyone as they are–and the pain it causes others when we donʼt.” (Trista)


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