Circles of Women ~ 20 Year Anniversary Edition

Circles of Women (2012)

We are indeed
circles of women
writing together
writing alone
coming together
to write, to read, to listen, to witness
listening to our own internal voices
our authentic selves
all of them
as we come to know one another more
touching the depths, complexities, commonalities,
our differences.

I am enveloped within
these ever-growing circles
rotating energies
like chakras
each a part of the other
with no center
no locus
only ever-changing
and transforming
swirls of connection.

We are creating communities
as we continue this process
this practice
of being present for ourselves
and for each other
the comfort of
releasing our inhibitions
about what we share
acknowledging our vulnerabilities
our fears
and the the freedom of confronting
the censors which live within
as well as those we construct
as protection from judgements from others
experiencing the liberation of releasing
into the circle
being held within sacred, supportive
nourishing space
letting go
opening our hearts, our minds, ourselves
to this dynamic.

I am nourished by these eternal
these fertile circles
always moved by
your courage
your resilience
your beauty
discovering my own strength
through recognizing your fortitude
your flowing feelings
even your pain
and am guided by
your infinite and varied wisdom
as we gather
alone and together
we wonderful and wise women
writing together and alone
alone and together


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